Ashburn Data Center Overview

EyHost Ashburn Data Center Centrally located on the East Coast of the United States, our Ashburn, Virginia colocation is housed in an enterprise-class, high-security data center environment, and is suitable for nearly any size infrastructure implementation.

Our Washington Data Center

EyHost Washington Carriers

Network Tests:
Network Providers:
  • Level 3
  • TeliaSonera
  • Cogent
  • GTT
  • TATA
  • Local IEx

Service Available:

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  • Our Ashburn, Virginia colocation facility is ideally located in close proximity to several of the largest metro areas on the eastern seaboard of the US.


    • Close access to Washington, D.C. based government institutions and business sector
    • Largest fiber backbone in the United States
    • Established pool of local, professional IT resources


    • Dedicated, full-time Ashburn staff with 24/7 managed support and failover
    • Multiple carrier options with global and national provider options
    • Direct point-to-point transport facilities
    • Private Cloud environments and Hardware as a Service
    • Environments from ½ cabinets to multiple cabinet colocation product options
    • Located near the 21715 Filigree Court Carrier Hotel
  • East Coast Colocation with a Single Provider Advantage

    Need an East Coast infrastructure presence? There are valuable benefits to colocating out of our Ashburn, Virginia facility.


    • Full-time managed support and onsite technicians
    • Comprehensive 24/7/365 response and support
    • SuperMicro® servers with Intel® processors
    • Full Brocade® equipment catalog
    • Firewalls from Cisco® and Dell SonicWall®
    • Reduced latencies for East Coast connectivity
    • Dedicated transport between all phoenixNAP locations
  • DDoS Protected Network to keep Your Business Online

    Ashburn offers a broad range of global and regional carriers and low latency connectivity on the largest fiber backbone in the United States.
    • Free 20 Gbps of DDoS protection
    • Distributed and Linked pop locations in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Ashburn, Atlanta, and Netherlands
    • Quick turnaround times for trouble tickets
    • Filter multiple protocol attacks at once
    • Direct point-to-point transport facilities
    • Comprehensive Carrier product offerings
    • 10 Mbps up to multiple 10 Gbps connections available
    • Provide email updates to clients during filters/nulls
    • No monthly cross connect fees
    • Located near the 21715 Filigree Court Carrier Hotel
    • Accept client prefixes advertised through our network (with LOA)
    • Automatically release blackholed IP’s
  • Our security teams and our policies offer every Ashburn colocation client 24/7 access to our facility.

    Ashburn features a team of on-site, full-time, professionally trained physical security professionals.

    • 24/7/365 staffing to maintain an extremely secure client experience
    • Multi-level access authorization with biometric verification and security controlled access level assignment
    • State of the art video monitoring with motion detection
    • SOC 2 and SOC 3 Audited
    • Over 600 tons of ½” thick steel plating within the walls of the facility
    • HIPAA Certified
  • The Ashburn facility was designed for ultra-high density cabinets. We can provide the perfect footprint, when you need to maximize every U of space in your cabinets.

    • Ability to configure compute and storage environments up to 250 watts per sq. ft.
    • Flex pods, storage arrays and blades can all be placed in a single cabinet
    • Minimize unused space for optimum stability and value per square foot
    • Designed capacity of 40 MW of on-site power
    • N+1 redundant uninterrupted power supply infrastructure
    • On site fuel supply to ensure 48 hours of continuous operation without refueling in the case of emergency or power disruption
    • Cooling available with N+1 redundancy.
    • 30-ton CRAH units.
    • 350-ton Motivair™ Free Air Cooling Chillers.
    • Redundant and energy-efficient humidification systems maintain precise humidity distribution
    • Ability to provide ‘at cabinet’ cooling to support power densities upwards of 20kW per cabinet
  • Our Ashburn, Virginia data center gets your data closer to the eastern business and consumer markets, and offers you broader coverage with server locations across the US.


    • Strategic East Coast location
    • Highly connected fiber backbone
    • Multi-factor authentication
    • Biometric, keycard, and pin security access
    • Point-to-point transfer to Phoenix and Amsterdam
    • Very early smoke detection alarms
    • N+2 power solutions
    • SOC and HIPAA certified
    • Camera monitoring systems with motion detection

Services Included in All Packages


he Network. Regional Connectivity.

Most of your website visitors are customers serviced by large telecom operators in their home countries. These operators ask for premium fees to open their Networks for access within their home markets.

EyHost pays those premium, so you have a choice: you can always reach your visitors via an IP transit provider-with an additional 30-100 ms lag time or you can work with us and have a low latency toward your visitors.


P Exchanges. >1100 direct ISPs.

Smaller regional ISPs and some distant large networks Exchange traffic in regional public Internet exchanges, Like DE-CIX, AMS-IS, LINX, Equinix, HKIX, Balcan-IX, etc. We are connected with more than 1100 network peers and over 960Gbps in all cities in which we operate.

It is the essential database for interconnection between networks. It contains 3725 listings, including all cloud and content providers.

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