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Bitninja An all-in-one security suite to defend your websites and servers.

EyHost is now offering Bitninja server security. EyHost is working with Bitninja as partner form Bangladesh.
BitNinja is an easy-to-use server security tool, which is ideal especially for webhosting companies, digital agencies and data centres. The whole BitNinja story started with a webhosting company, after facing a lot of sleepless nights and angry, hacked customers. They created their own solution and the software worked so well that they decided to make the Internet a safer place and help more people with the finest technologies in one simply manageable package.
BitNinja is an agent which sits on your own infrastructure. This way you avoid buying hardware for lots of money. Furthermore, by using BitNinja your sensitive data doesn't leave your system because there is no domain redirection; there is no limitation on the number of servers or on the traffic. Additionally, BitNinja has an extremely low memory footprint.

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  Easy-to use

You don't have to be an IT expert to use our software. With the one-line code the installation couldn't be easier. After the one line, there is no need for any kind of update or maintenance, so you can save time and money.

  All-in-one security tool

BitNinja combines the most powerful security techniques from DoS prevention to WAF with its 7 modules. They provide full-stack protection against automated attacks such as XSS, DDoS, malware infections, scans, script injections, enumeration, brute force, etc. on all major protocols, like FTP, SMTP etc., not only HTTP. Furthermore, our worldwide honeypot system helps to protect against 0-day vulnerabilities.
Our modules:

  • Anti Flood
  • Dos Detection
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Log analysis
  • Web honeypot

  Defense network

There are already 1500 BitNinja protected servers all over the world and we block more than 3 000 000 attacks every day. As these numbers increase, our protection becomes more and more effective. How is it possible? The BitNinja-protected servers form a global defense network and share information with each other, making the shield more and more powerful.

  Machine learning

BitNinja works like an ecosystem because it collects not only information about the attacks, but also learns from them. This machine-learning technology mixed with the defense network offers extensive protection for the growing BitNinja community like never before. Furthermore, this technology guarantees a very low false positive rate: 0,1%.


Are you already using some software and are you afraid that they would not work well combined with BitNinja? Don't have such fears! BitNinja is compatible with all the major webhosting software and virtual solutions, such as cPanel, Plesk, Apache, Nginx etc… We support both Linux and Windows. What's more is that you can install BitNinja on both dedicated and virtual servers, supporting every major virtualization technology just like: virtuozzo, openvz, kvm, xen and vmware.

  More affordable pricing

BitNinja offers server-based pricing, which means the amount depends only the number of servers. It doesn't matter the type of servers or the number of domain names. With many different modules our software makes previous solutions redundant. In conclusion your costs and what you spend for security will also reduce.

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