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    cPanel is the most widely used and easiest control panel, that is why all EyHost hosting plans come with cPanel for account management. With cPanel you can manage your website files, folders, and databases, create email accounts, manage domains and subdomains and a lot more. To make cPanel even more friendly, we have customized its skin and organized the tools in a friendly way. We have also added plenty of third-party and in-house tools to give you more control over the account. Check our cPanel Demo.
    • One Stop Control panel

      All the Basic cPanel Tools

      All major aspects of your hosting account are easily managed with the cPanel:

      • Files : file, backups and FTP management
      • Email : webmail, forwarders, etc.
      • Domains : subdomains, parked, addons
      • Databases: MySQL & Postgre admins
    • More Extras

      Popular Third-party Tools Added

      We have partnered with many great providers to enhance your cPanel further:

      • Softaculous : 1-click installations
      • CloudFlare CDN :faster and safer site.
      • SpamExperts :SPAM-free email.
      • cloud linux: usage stats and PHP options.
    • Unique Tool

      Unique Tools Included

      The tools listed below are developed by us and are available only on our cPanel:

      • Autoupdates : for Joomla & WordPress
      • SuperCacher : makes your site fly with Varnish, Memcached and GoogleSpeed.
      • Staging environment : to allow easy website testing on hosting plan.

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cPanel- Manage Your Sites with Ease

We are providing web hosting service with good reputation since 2010

cPanel makes life easier for website owners, offering powerful tools to help you perform essential tasks quickly, easily, and reliably. cPanel control panel is provided with all our hosting packages and servers as standard.Novice users will find the interface intuitive, and UnitedHosting staff are available 24x7 if you aren't quite sure how to achieve something. More advanced users will find highly sophisticated tools designed to make life easier.

cPanel Features

Our web-based control panel makes site management a piece of cake. Empower your customers and offer them the ability to administer every facet of their website using simple point-and-click software.


Use cPanel to create mail accounts, autoresponders, and forwarders. You can also utilize cPanel’s account and user-level filtering to help manager your email. Deter spam with Apache, SpamAssassin, BoxTrapper, and even email authentication. Finally, use cPanel’s mailing lists to send out your message to the world.


Monitor your sites disk space usage all while editing and backing up files and folders.


Use cPanel’s security settings to configure password-protected directories, SSL/TLS, IP address denials, and GnuPG Key settings to restrict access. Learn to protect your site with ModSecurity, Leech Protect, and HotLink Protection.


Use MySQL and PostgreSQL to limit access and store large amounts of data.


Identifying your site will be easy with the Simple DNS Zone Editor as well as the Advanced Zone Editor. Also, you will be able to set up subdomains, parked domains, addon domains, and redirects all to point visitors in the right direction.


Use Webalizer and AWStats to get a feel for your audience and track your sites performance.

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WHM - Reseller Control Panel

We are providing web hosting service with good reputation since 2010

WHM stands for "Web Host Manager" and is included with all reseller accounts, cloud servers, and dedicated servers. It provides an easy to use interface for managing all aspects of the server and website accounts you decide to host on it.

With WHM you can configure services, deploy new hosting accounts, control DNS and much more. Common tasks take seconds, and day-to-day maintenance and management of the websites you host is made efficient and simple.

WHM Features

Our software saves you time and money by automating and streamlining tedious server management tasks, all while keeping your customers happy. You can even customize the control panel to match your company branding.

 User Accounts

Turn your Dedicated or Virtual Private Server (VPS) into a scalable business opportunity with WHM! You will be able to create and manage user accounts, allow your clients to better manage their individual sites, as well as establish your own pricing tiers.

 Investment Protection

With WHM, you will get the highest qualify protection and security on the market. You will receive updates on your server as well as real time analytics designed by our team of developers.

 Server Monitoring

Our server monitoring tools will let you know what is going on with your server at any time of the day.

 Transfers & Backups

You will never again have to worry about lost information with out automatic backups on all data. Your experience of transferring information between cPanel-installed servers will be easy and seamless from beginning to end.

 World of Add-Ons

Ready to find your niche in the hosting community? You will be able to offer a tailor-made experience to your target audience with WHM’s 500 applications and plugins that are available. Each and every provider will be able to find the tools or widgets necessary to stand above the rest.


Want to implement your own custom branding assest, colors, or images? You will get these features with WHM.

Our Reseller Control Panel. Hosting Lovers Control Panel.

cPanel/WHm is the worlds most widely used hosting control panel. From creating a new hosting account, a MySQL database, or exporting a full backup of your website, cPanel/WHM provides you with a quick and convenient way to manage your hosting account.


  • cPanel made easier than ever
  • Customized & friendly skin
  • Better account management
  • Free Domains
  • Free Account Transfer
  • Free Daily Backup
  • Multiple Server Locations
  • 24/7 Support Phone/Chat/Ticket
  • Free Domain Transfer

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