Eyhost offers on-line outlets the aggressive aspect using supplying an infrastructure that’s lightning rapid, constantly up and instantly scalable.


Eyhost's it infrastructure solutions to enhance their internet site overall performance and give up the user experience.Whether or not you’re a global e-retailer with the internet and offline presence or a web-best merchant, you could depend upon eyhost that will help you smartly deliver your e-commerce applications, decrease your fee of operations and force revenue.

Improve the user experience with the lowest latency and highest availability

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Eyhost’s can service creates the exceptional experience for end customers through ensuring that they constantly locate the facts they may be looking for, assisting a couple of distribution formats (Adobe Flash, along with dynamic streaming; device; Microsoft Silverlight and http streaming) and by way of offering powerful equipment for superior reporting and analytics.  contact with us.

Performance IP

EyHost's patented Internet route optimization technology, Managed Internet Route Optimizer (MIRO), ensures the highest performance level with faster page loads, smoother video and a rock-solid Internet connection.  contact with us.

Ensure airtight security with our flexible managed services

Managed Hosting

EyHost has been hosting mission-critical data for over six years. We are laser focused on keeping your information safe and secure. To guarantee you the highest level of security, we have carefully implemented the industry’s best equipment. As a result, we monitor the security posture of our network infrastructure 24x7x365 to ensure your content Availability, Integrity & Confidentiality.

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