Health Care Technology

EyHost empowers healthcare technology companies to meet rigorous security and application requirements with affordable, dependable and scalable infrastructure solutions.


The emergence of far flung healthcare, large digitization of healthcare data and growing regulatory scrutiny present extensive it infrastructure demanding situations for lifestyles technology and healthcare generation groups. as capital is scarce and rigid, and in-house alternatives attain their breaking point, enticing a third-birthday celebration carrier company to support your next software is frequently the fine desire.

Hundreds of healthcare companies rely on EyHost’s portfolio of integrated hosting and cloud services to support a variety of scaling and security-sensitive use cases.

Securely scale to address rapidly growing compute and storage needs

Hybrid environments

EyHost enables virtual advertising technology businesses to hybridize disparate it infrastructure environments such as committed hosting, virtualized and bare-metal cloud over an unmarried unified network and unmarried management platform. Our hybridized infrastructure permits customers to split application workloads, assigning exceptional functions to the most suitable website hosting surroundings, saving time, cash, and improving performance.   contact with us.

Meet rigorous customer security and application availability requirements

Secure hosting infrastructure

EyHost supports a range of hosting environments surrounded by robust security services like web application firewall, intrusion detection and DDoS mitigation. Whether you need to comply with specific regulatory requirements or if you just want a higher level of protection for sensitive customer data we can provide the right solution.

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