Hybrid Environments

EyHost supports you with a hybrid infrastructure that’s flexible, scalable and always on – combining just the right mix of public or private cloud , managed hosting for your best fit.


Businesses that have multi-tiered applications require some combination of cloud, dedicated hosting, managed hosting to run efficiently. Hybridization seamlessly integrates the best features from multiple platforms into one optimal environment for maximum performance for your applications’ workloads while providing the flexibility your business needs.

Hundreds of healthcare companies rely on EyHost’s portfolio of integrated hosting and cloud services to support a variety of scaling and security-sensitive use cases.

Advantages of Hybrid Hosting

  • Share the same network infrastructure devices (e.g., firewalls, load balancers) across different hosting environments
  • Move workloads across hosting environments without time consuming network modifications
  • Direct application traffic within different environments across a single VLAN to reduce bandwidth costs
  • Provision, monitor and manage cloud, hosting, services via a single pane of glass
  • Access a single point of contact and single bill for different infrastructure environments
  • Mix and match capital and operating expense spend with a single vendor for easier IT infrastructure budgeting

Use Cases

By moving the different application tiers to the most suitable infrastructure platforms, you can maximize application performance and efficiency, while achieving web-scale within a single, hybridized environment to support a wide array business needs.

Infrastructure extension

Develop your unique solution by seamlessly integrating your self-managed colocation infrastructure with EyHost’s hosted dedicated and cloud solutions. Maximize efficiency in both environments while minimizing the load on your IT staff.

Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery solutions can be deployed using virtual, physical or hybrid architecture at disparate production and recovery sites with various off-site data storage options to meet your RTO and RPO requirements.

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