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Joomla is now one of the most popular open-source platforms for building websites. Not just for blogging, Joomlais a powerful CMS (Content Management System) which makes creating and managing a website simple and fast. It does much of the hard work behind the scenes so you don’t have to be a technical expert to use it.

  • Hands-Off & Worry-Free
  • 99.999% Uptime
  • Managed & Hacker Free

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Joomla Hosting Crafted with Care

    • Our Joomla hosting provide the most stable, secure, and scalable. Each plan is an entirely self-contained and fine-tuned eCommerce hosting environment. Our plans include a ready-to-launch Joomla store with the most current release and optimizations for maximum performance, stability, and security.

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The most speed, stability and security out of joomla


Unique account isolation for fast and secured server

Issue Solve

We will help you to solve common joomla hosting

Don’t worry! We have all the Joomla Ass-Kicking Features

Get your easy to manage, hack-free, faster-loading cloud Joomla hosting.

1-click Joomla Start

1-Click Joomla Auto-Installer with free template setup, performed by expert Joomla Support. We will give you additional support.

Virus Scan & Malware Removal

We offer free virus scan and malware removal service to keep your Joomla website and emails safe.


Personal and business email accounts with your brandname protected by Apache SpamAssassin for spam free mail.

Advanced Joomla Security

Application and Network firewall to protect your Joomla website from all known security threats.

Free Joomla Upgrades

Keeping Joomla up-to-date is extremely important for your website security. Keep your Joomla website up-to-date with our free Joomla upgrade service.

Free Joomla Backup & Restore

Full, unrestricted access to your daily and weekly Joomla backups via our web-based 1-click Restore Manager.

Easy Start and Pain-free Joomla Transfer

started with immediate activation or have your Joomla transferred in less than an hour.

  • Free Joomla Installation
  • Step by Step Tutorials
  • 24/7 Joomla Support
  • Free extension installation
  • On Staff Developers
  • People-powered Joomla
  • No downtime, Fast & Painless
  • Free Domain Transfer
  • Ecommerce Hackershield
  • We'll do all the work for free

FAQ - You got questions? We got answers!

How do you provide free Joomla hosting?

We make money through you buying or transferring your domain. Part of this $13.95/year cost pays for hosting your Joomla site for free.

What is included with my Joomla site?

We have 1000’s of free Joomla templates for all our customers to choose from. It’s your site, you control all of it. We even auto-update so you don’t have to manage anything.

Do we offer cpanel access to our Joomla Site?

Yes, every account comes with cpanel access as well as the ability to change anything on your Joomla site at anytime.

How simple is it to get started?

We make it so easy a small badger could sign up. Really, we’ve tried! We offer 1-click installs on everything with free transfers from your old expensive Joomla host.

Is a Joomla CMS website expensive?

It depend on a number of factors.How big is your site, how intricate is the design and what developer are you using?

Is a Joomla web site difficult to maintain?

Not at all! Especially now that Joomla have introduced their 'one-click-update' feature. This keeps track of the latest security updates form the Joomla website and allows users to keep their Joomla up-to-date easily.

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