Miami Data Center Overview

EyHost Miami data center is located at 50 NE 9th St, Miaai, Florida 33132, USA. No 6 Internet Hub in the World and it is the Ideal location to serve Latin America with acceptable latency toward the US East Coast and Western Europe.

EyHost Miami Data Center

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Network Tests:
Network Provider:
  • Terremark NAP

Service Available:

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  • Space Full-depth, 19" Cabinet, minimum 42U
    Address 50 NE 9th St, Miami, Florida 33132, USA
    Power Circuits 2 lines (A primary + B redundant), 30A each
    Voltage 120V
    Power Supply 2.76 kVA (23A draw in total) maximum power draw from both lines
    Power consumption Charged separately
    How many servers will fit? Approximately 7000 Watts of primary server sources
    Guarantees 99,999% power using both lines
    Who's here NOTA, PacketExchange, All Tier1 ISPs and over 100 other providers
  • Power and Environmentals SLAs (Colocation): Yes
    Power Capacity: 160 watts per square foot
    Fiber-Optic Cable Meet-Point Room: Secure location with cross-connects and redundant tie cables to other buildings
    Fire Detection and Suppression Systems with Pre-Action Water: Yes
    Microwave and Radio Frequency (RF) Shielding: Federal operating buildings
    Meets Uptime Institute Tier-III Requirements: Yes
    Raised Floor Space: 850,000 square feet
    Air Systems Refresh: Filtered vents at four sides of the building
    Electronic Detection Systems for Monitoring and Maintaining All Environments: Yes
    Smoke and Heat Sensors: Increments of DC 20 AMP–48 Volts DC circuit A&B feed for colocation space, communication equipment rooms, and mechanical and electrical rooms
  • Security Monitoring: 24x7 interior and exterior video
    Strong Security: Buildings have extremely limited personnel presence
    Intrusion Detection System: UL-certified
    Secure, On-Campus Network Operations Center to Monitor Building Management System: Yes
  • How do you want DDoS Attacks to be handled for this server?
    Make this service immune to 500Gbps DDoS attacks!
    During an attack traffic is automatically redirected for filtering. We handle any type of DoS attack of up to 500Gbps
    Spam/Virus Email Filtering provided
  • In their highest forms, SLAs embody the values and capabilities of an entire organization, and they provide a clear benchmark for employee performance and customer satisfaction.

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Services Included in All Packages


he Network. Regional Connectivity.

Most of your website visitors are customers serviced by large telecom operators in their home countries. These operators ask for premium fees to open their Networks for access within their home markets.

EyHost pays those premium, so you have a choice: you can always reach your visitors via an IP transit provider-with an additional 30-100 ms lag time or you can work with us and have a low latency toward your visitors.


P Exchanges. >1100 direct ISPs.

Smaller regional ISPs and some distant large networks Exchange traffic in regional public Internet exchanges, Like DE-CIX, AMS-IS, LINX, Equinix, HKIX, Balcan-IX, etc. We are connected with more than 1100 network peers and over 960Gbps in all cities in which we operate.

It is the essential database for interconnection between networks. It contains 3725 listings, including all cloud and content providers.

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