Online Gaming

EyHost's online gaming infrastructure enhances the gamer enjoy and the gaming improvement lifecycle with maximum flexibility, scalability, and availability.


Enhance your users’ gaming experience with low latency and high availability

Performance IP

Eyhost’s redundant community architecture presents get entry to multiple network carrier providers (SNPs) in a single vicinity. EyHost’s patented Internet route optimization generation managed net direction optimizer (miro), complements border gateway protocol (BGP) by way of dynamically evaluating performance factors to pick out the pleasant course to any given destination, resulting in low latency, high availability and expanded software performance.   contact with us.

Private Network

connects game functions over private network links within the same facility or across geographically distinct data centers. Redundant, self-healing 10Gb links provide fast and reliable connectivity without the need to traverse the public Internet.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Eyhost’s can service creates the exceptional experience for end customers through ensuring that they constantly locate the facts they may be looking for, assisting a couple of distribution formats (Adobe Flash, along with dynamic streaming; device; Microsoft Silverlight and http streaming) and by way of offering powerful equipment for superior reporting and analytics.   contact with us.

Easily build the optimal architecture over the lifecycle of your game

Hybrid Environments

Seamlessly hybridize different infrastructure offerings, including virtualized and bare-metal cloud, dedicated hosting and colocation, to fit the right hosting environment to the game workload. For newer games with unpredictable demand, public cloud and dedicated servers provide the rapid elasticity you need. For large, complex games with high persistence requirements or established games with predictable demand, colocation, dedicated hosting or a dedicated private cloud environment deliver more customized elements to your game architecture.

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