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Grow your domain and hosting business by getting 600+ domain TLDs at the cheapest cost.

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Empower your business with a Free Domain Reseller Account

All the features you need to grow your Domain Reseller business, and earn great profits


Customizable Pricing

You are free to select your products, set your selling prices and profit margins.


100% Free, Always

No annual/monthly or activation fees. We believe in 100% usable activation deposits only.


Pre-Integrated Payments

Get access to of Payment Gateways, no hassles of technical integration.


Your Branding

Brand all your client facing interfaces, we are completely invisible to your clients.


800+ Products

Your Reseller Account comes with 800+ products, from emails, SSL, servers and more.


Bulk Discounts

Slab based pricing for all TLDs. The more you sell, the more margins you make.


24x7 Expert Support

Connect with our product experts any moment of the day, week or the year.


Easy Client Billing

Easy-to-use inbuilt customer billing engine & easy integration with WHMCS.


Customer Sub-Accounts

Provide your customers with fully branded accounts to manage their domain orders.


Easy Transfer Option

Don't fret about transfering large number of Domains manually, we will handle it for you.

Selling Options

Set-up Your Reseller Account & Start Selling in Minutes


Custom SuperSite Storefront

Get a fully functional storefront to start your domain reselling business. Ready white-labelled e-commerce solution for you.


HTTP API Integration Kit

Integrate your existing business website with our flexible APIs. This makes it easy for you to plug-and-play to sell Domains & more!


Control Panel & ExpressCart

Easy Control Panel to buy or manage domains for your customers. Experience even faster checkouts with our ExpressCart option.


WHMCS & Billing Integrations

Connect with the web's most trusted web hosting tools, manage all products through 7+ options of third-party billing platforms.

Resell more than just Domains

Your Reseller Account gives you access to a large variety of products, not just domains.


Business Email Solutions

Provide powerful email solutions to your clients, perfect cross-sell with domain products.


SSL Certificates

Offer data security products to secure & encrypt passwords, credit card and identification information.


Privacy Protect

Protect your clients identity from spammers and whois harvesting by providing privacy protection.


Web Hosting

Resell shared, dedicated, cloud, and other hosting products, through your own white-labelled hosting platform.

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Why EyHost is the best option for your Domain Reseller Business


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/Signup Fee


/Signup Fee

No. of Product Categories
No. of Product Categories 30+ 8 5
Customizable Pricing
Customizable Pricing
Easy transfer options
Easy transfer options
White-labelled Platform
White-labelled Platform
Bulk discounts
Bulk discounts
Slab-based pricing
Slab-based pricing
WHMCS integrated
WHMCS integrated
Fully usable activation fee
Fully usable activation fee
Pre-integrated payments
Pre-integrated payments
Free customizable storefront
Free customizable storefront
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Why become a Domain Reseller?

Domain Reseller program provides businesses with a single platform to sell a variety of products like domains, hosting, servers, email solutions and more. It is a great way to earn good money with very little investment. In fact, you can even start with these product offerings and build your business towards other web services such as web designing, development, IT management, etc.

Allow us to explain how:

Domains: If you already have a business, you can add more than 500+ domains to your offerings. You can resell many of the prime market movers like .COM, .ORG, .NET, etc. or even new GTLDs like .TRAVEL, .VEGAS, .CLUB, etc. Offer the perfect TLD to each of your customers and help them boost their brand’s identity.

Hosting and Servers: You can pick a hosting service to resell from our wide suite of offerings that include Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Reseller, Cloud and Windows Hosting services. In addition to these, you can also provide CMS based hosting solutions like Magento, Joomla and Drupal. In addition to this, being a market place, EyHost allows you to provide Bluehost and Hostgator servers (Dedicated and VPS) to customers that are looking for a specific hosting brand.

Email Products: Providing business and enterprise email is easy now. You can select the number of business/enterprise email accounts your customers need and charge them accordingly. Our OX7 powered email services allow easy collaboration and are protected from all kinds of cyber threats. You can also opt for Google’s G Suite product to provide more benefits to your customers in the form of larger storage space and other tools such as Google Docs, Sheets, Calendar, etc.

Themes, Logos & Plugins: Offer your customers a wide range of well-designed themes and logos to help their business website stand out. Our Domain Reseller program provides offers more than 500 themes for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or Magento websites. To further boost their web presence, you can also provide your customers SEO, Social Media, email marketing and other plugins.

Add-ons: Protect your customers with security add-ons like SiteLock Security and SSL certificates that prevent a variety of security threats. These add-ons ensure security for all the confidential data on your customer’s website. Also, you can enable your customers to take a backup of their websites with CodeGuard website backup in case there is a loss of information.

What’s more, our domain reseller program is a 100% white-labelled so your customers won’t even realise that we are involved. On top of that, you can decide the selling price of the products to maximize the profit margins of your business. You can also connect your existing domain reseller business through our WHMCS integration.

Some other advantages of becoming a domain reseller with EyHost are:

  • You automatically get access to all new products introduced on our marketplace
  • You can set your own margins and choose how much you make off any of the products under the domain reseller program
  • Our domain reseller program functions as a one-stop solution for all of your customer’s product requirements
  • You get a free Storefront, multiple selling options as well as payment methods pre-integrated with your domain reseller program

Why be a Domain Reseller ?

Capitalize on New Markets

Make money with reselling new domain names like .xyz, .blog, .health and more

Perfect for Web Pros

Expand your offerings as Web & Digital Marketing Agencies or Freelancers

Zero Investment to Start

Domain reselling is a zero investment business, you need just our platform to resell

Product Portfolio Expansion

Expand Your Existing Product Portfolio with domains, SSL, email and more

Easy Cross-Sell & Upsell

Utilize domains as the perfect products for Cross-sell & Upsell Opportunities

It is not Just Domains

Get to resell Domains, Email, Hosting and 800+ products on our Reseller Program

Get to Own Your Business

Own your business always, as we are a White-labeled solution, unlike the competitors

Earn More, as You Grow

Increase your profits, as your margins increase with volume, with zero operational cost

Plug into Your Business

Multiply your revenue with Domains, our products plug into your current reselling business

Domain Reseller Advantage

Let's talk money. Integrate domain reselling into your current business. As you increase your domain volumes, you earn better margins and make higher profits.

FAQ - You got questions? We got answers!

What is EyHost's Domain Reseller?

Our Domain Reseller Program and Hosting Partner Program has been created exclusively for Resellers to reach out and build their own brand with their own Customers. Your Customers are yours and since this is a private-labelled program, we have no access to your Customer database.

What is the Initial Deposit?

We follow an Advance Deposit system, wherein you need to maintain an Advance Account with us. Every time your Customer makes a purchase, Funds will be deducted from this advance account of yours (your Current Debit Account Balance).In order to start reselling, you will have to make an initial deposit that is fully useable. However, depositing a greater amount would get you a better pricing on all our Products & Services right away. Take a look at our pricing page to Learn More.

What are Total Receipts?

Total Receipts is the sum total of all the business you have done with us till date plus the existing deposit in your Advance Account. We follow an advance deposit system, wherein you need to maintain an Advance Account with us. Your Total Receipts increase every time you Add Funds into your Reseller Account. Your Total Receipts with us determine the Pricing Slab that you fall into, which means the higher your Total Receipts with us, the lower will be the pricing that you get. Please Note that your Total Receipts figure is not the same as the Current Debit Account Balance in your Reseller Account with us.

Is the Initial Deposit usable, or is it an Activation fee? Is it time bound?

The initial deposit, or any Funds that you add to your Advance Account with us are fully usable by you to buy any of our Products and Services.Also, the deposit isn't time bound. This means, you can use it all up at any point of time in the future to buy any of our Products and Services.

Do you charge any Activation or Sign-up Fee? Are there any hidden costs associated with becoming your Reseller?

No, we do not charge any kind of Activation or Sign-up Fee. Neither do we have any hidden costs. This is a Zero Investment business for you! We follow an advance pre-payment system. This means, that in order to resell, you first need to make an advance deposit in your account with us.Every time a purchase is made from your account, the respective funds will be deducted from your account. This advance deposit is fully usable by you, and is not time bound. This means, you can use the entire amount to buy any of our Products at any point of time in future.

Do I need to maintain a separate Total Receipts amount for each Product?

Not at all. The Total Receipts associated with your Reseller Account is applicable across all Products & Services.You do not need to maintain a separate Total Receipts amount for each Product. For example, say you have Total Receipts of

. This will allow you to avail of Domain Registrations and Digital SSL Certificates with Slab 2 Pricing.

Do you charge my credit card each time my Customer makes a purchase?

We follow a slab-based pricing structure. The slab that will be applicable to you depends on your Total Receipts with us.As your Total Receipts with us increase, you automatically move to a better pricing slab, as illustrated in the Pricing Table.

What happens once I exhaust the initial deposit that I make?

Once you exhaust your initial deposit, you can refill your Account with any desired amount as and when required.

What happens if I start in the
slab? Will I have to deposit an entire
again to reach the higher slab?
As mentioned earlier, every time you 'Add Funds' to your Reseller Account, your Total Receipts will increase. For example, say you have activated your account at
, your Total Receipts will be
at that instant. If you then add another
to your Reseller Account, your Total Receipts will increase to
. As you keep adding funds, your Total Receipts will increase consequently. Once your Total Receipts reach
, you will be automatically upgraded to the
Slab. Let's say, you would like to directly upgrade to the
Slab, after having initially deposited
, then you only need to add the difference amount of
to your Account.
What will happen if my Customer places an Order and there aren't any Funds in my Account?

In case you do not have funds in your Reseller Account, and your Customer places an order, the order will be under 'Pending Execution' status. The order will be executed once you add the required amount of Funds.

I have made a payment of
using PayPal / Credit Card, but my Account has been credited with a lesser amount. Will my Account still be activated?
All transactions for Adding Funds to your Reseller Account via PayPal are credited to your account, only after deducting the PayPal Transaction Fees at actual. In case of Payment via Credit Card, a 2.2% processing fee is deducted by the bank through which the transaction takes place. Since you added exactly
to your Account, a lesser amount got credited on account of the processing / transaction fee reduction. Your Account, however, will still be activated.
I have already paid the minimum advance deposit using PayPal. When will my account be activated?

In case you have used a Verified PayPal Account to Add Funds, your Account will be activated within 4 hours of Adding Funds.

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