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Features to suit every business or project

Focus on coding, let Plesk manage your infrastructure and security.

Plesk Onyx is the leading WebOps (website, application and web server management) platform for website owners and web professionals that helps them run, automate, and manage applications and websites. It has integrated support for Github, Docker, Multi-server management, and ready-to-code environment for Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby on rails, and more.

EyHost is one of the few select partners worldwide with which Plesk is introducing this ground breaking administration tool to the market. Discover for yourself why Plesk Onyx is so much more than just a control panel.

Plesk Onyx: Get free, get productive!

Plesk Onyx platform's holistic approach to web site development and management allows you to stay on top of the most innovative web technologies!

Deploy changes on a minute-to-minute basis, turn yourself into a high performer with rock-solid security features and integrated Git and Docker support. Get everything you need to develop and manage websites and applications easily in one place.

2 Great Options for your needs

Web Admin

Best for: Concentrating on website and server administration.

  10 domains
WordPress Toolkit
Developer Pack
Subscription Management
Account Management

Web Pro Edition

Best for: The perfect solution for web professionals, whether you are a developer or designer.

  30 domains
WordPress Toolkit
Developer Pack
Subscription Management
Account Management

Web Host Edition

Best for: Everyone building their business on Plesk.

  Unlimited domains
WordPress Toolkit
Developer Pack
Subscription Management
Account Management

Availing Plesk Onyx panel for your website & servers

Plesk Onyx is an add-on service available with Dedicated Servers & Cloud Servers for both on Linux and Windows operating systems.

Plesk Edition Cloud/VPS Dedicated Server Order
Plesk Web Admin --External
Plesk Web Pro --External
Plesk Web Host --External
Plesk Web Admin -- Internal Free Free
Plesk Web Pro -- Internal
Plesk Web Host -- Internal
  • Plesk WebAdmin Free license with all our dedicated & cloud servers.

9 most important Features:

Docker Support

Respond to the growing demands of your customers: Docker permits you on-demand access to numerous programs such as Redis, MongoDB, Memcached and many others.

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Git Support

Integrate Git, currently the most popular source code management system. Manage Git repositories and use it as a transport for first publications and updates.

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A centralised account management facilitates the automatic allocation of webspace or subscriptions over connected service nodes.

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Deploy, config and manage all your Node.js apps and more

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Easily deploy apps in Ruby on Rails or Sinatra frameworks.

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Forward server notifications to your Slack channels and stay up to date.

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Full protection for DNS data of hosted domains following the Domain Name System Security Extensions protocol.

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Plesk Security Advisor

Intelligent and automatic guide on improving the security of your Plesk server on all levels.

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WordPress Toolkit

Ultimate convenience: The powerful security and mass-management tool for your WordPress instances, plugins and themes.

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Multi Server Management

The Plesk Onyx panel supports multi-server management with a centralized account across several Plesk instances that has a single login point for Admin and Customers. It has a special feature for Global management of tools and settings across different servers along with provision for centralized DNS and mail accounts management.

Git Deploy

With its special feature for Git Support, the Plesk Onyx panel allows you to have functionalities like Deploy from Git, Bare Git repository, Automatic deploy after push to repository and Perform additional actions to Git repository after commit/push (ex. rebuild static html pages). Additionally, it allows following major functionalities.

  • Deploy application to web hosting under Plesk from external repository like GitHub, Bitbucket and others.
  • Deploy application via push directly from developer's laptop to your web site under Plesk.
  • Don't publish repository to vhost, just use a central Git repository for collaboration, actually Git hosting.

Docker Support

The Docker support integrated in the Plesk Onyx panel empowers the Admins with functions like Local and Remote Docker management, Ability to run a container from images available on Docker Hub, Ability to upload own image, Build an own image, Stop/Start/Recreate container and Manage container settings (ports and volumes mapping, environment variables). Important Note - Docker support is for Admin only.

WordPress Toolkit

The Plesk Onyx panel comes with mass management and security tools for WordPress listed below.

  • WordPress Installation Scan & Management Tools - Mass Update/Upgrade and notification (incl. Plugins and Themes) and Plugin/Theme Mass Management.
  • WordPress Security Scan & Hardening Tools - Scan for Rogue Installations, Vulnerability Reporting and Auto hardening for APS WP install/update.

Code Environment

The Plesk Onyx panel provides a ready-to-code environment in an intuitive interface for web professionals, it helps developers and designers to focus on their business: developing web applications and web sites for SMBs that scale in the cloud. Ready to code environment supports PHP, Javascript, Perl, Ruby, Python, Java, .Net, and node.js.

Future-oriented for developers, web pros, agencies and resellers.

Plesk is the leading web operations platform for developing, operating and automating websites and applications. With the very latest version of Plesk Onyx, a system of until now unattained complexity stands available to users such as developers and other web pros, but also to agencies, resellers and companies of similar focus - and also the best in convenience and time-savings. With its new multi-server environment and an unlimited number of integrable domains, it permits the support of numerous customers by means of a shared control panel. Plesk Onyx supports the outstandingly popular WordPress web and blog software, just as it does all of the currently relevant programming languages. No more frustrating and irritating server administration: Just select a server and operating system, opt for Plesk - and code away!.

EyHost - The first plesk Partner in bangladesh

Docker - The gateway to new possibilities

The Docker open source software has developed into a real hit and is becoming ever more popular amongst developers, system administrators and other web pros. On the basis of operating system virtualisation, Docker allows for the isolation of applications within containers. Its most outstanding uses: You can employ specific software, such as Redis, MongoDB, or particular versions of a software which is not supported by your operating system or would otherwise have to be compiled.

Get started now in just three quick steps:

Step 1

Select your EyHost server and choose your operating system.

Step 2

In the customer panel, select your Plesk Onyx version - and install it right away.

Step 3

Ready-to-code: You are now ready to start your project or reselling activities.

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